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Top 10 Causes of Stinky Urine Part 1

The Top 10 Most Common Causes of Stinky Urine


#10: Kidney Stones Cause Stinky Urine

Kidney or bladder stones, also known as urinary stones, can cause stinky urine. Urinary stones are more common in men, but women can also get them…MORE



739bba_3f1c4f13f469ed319943c390700fbad8#9: Smoking and Smelly Urine

Have you noticed lately that your urine smells?  I’m not talking about the usual smell we associate with urine, but something worse.  If you smoke, that could be the cause of the problem…MORE


739bba_59307a424e646e93fe345f5921a17f94#8: High Protein/Low Carb Diets

Eating a diet high in protein puts your liver to work. As your liver processes the extra protein you’ve taken in, it produces ammonia as a by-product.  Since ammonia is toxic, your liver converts it to urea.  Then your kidneys send it out of your body through your urine…MORE



#7: STD’s & Stinky Urine

Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) cause foul smelling urine.  Many others cause symptoms often mistaken for stinky pee at first, such as those that cause foul-smelling discharge…MORE


#6: Vitamins & Supplements that Make Your Urine Smell Bad

Certain vitamins and health supplements can make your urine have an unusual or foul smell…MORE


#5: Medications

Certain medications are known for causing urine to have a strong, unusual or foul odor, including antibiotics and sulfa drugs, among others…MORE



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Smoking and Stinky Urine2

Smoking and Stinky UrineSmoking and Smelly Urine

Have you noticed lately that your urine smells?  I’m not talking about the usual smell we associate with urine, but something worse.  If you have stinky urine and you smoke, that right there may be the cause of your problems.

There are many reasons to quit, and many ways to do it.  If you feel conscious every time you go to the bathroom because of your stinky pee, think about some of these great ways that you could quit smoking today.

Perhaps you need to think of what would be the best way for you to quit smoking.  After all, no one way will work for everyone, and there is no magic-bullet when it comes to quitting smoking.  Still, there are proven methods that have worked for millions of people.  Let’s see what they are.

Cold Turkey

This is probably the most difficult method used to quit smoking, and probably the least effective.  Still, some people are strong-willed, or perhaps hard-headed, enough to pull it off.  This method is quite simple:  take all of your cigarettes and throw them away.  Take all of your lighters and throw them away.  Never smoke again.  Can you do that?  If so, great!  If not, maybe you should think of a different approach.

Weaning Yourself Off Cigarettes

Weaning is when you try to quit smoking gradually, perhaps through fits- and-starts even, so that you one day eventually quit.  There are many ways to do this, such as limiting the number of cigarettes that you smoke each day, cutting back on the times that you smoke each day, or even smoking only half of a cigarette at a time.  Lots of people in big cities, such as New York, will stop buying packs and start buying individual cigarettes.  Careful, however, for this is illegal in some places!


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Smoking and Stinky Urine3

Smoking and Stinky UrineNicotine Patches

The nicotine patch is probably one of the greatest inventions for anyone wanting to quit smoking.  The patch is simple and very effective, and comes in multi-level doses, so it doesn’t matter if you smoke a few cigarettes each day or 100, there is an effective dose and level-plan for you.  The patch works by being applied directly onto your skin.  Each patch will usually last for 24 hours, and smokers have reported that it cuts their cravings down substantially.  Some people have reported strange dreams while wearing it, however.

Nicotine Gum

Similar to the patch, nicotine gum is a slow-release agent that you chew like gum.  It will give you your nicotine fix, just like the patch, without you having to actually smoke a cigarette.  This is very good if the act of smoking is what is keeping you from quitting for good.  Be careful, however, many people find themselves quitting smoking only to start chewing nicotine gum on a regular basis.

More Methods for Quitting Smoking

There are many alternative ways to quit smoking.  Many people swear by hypnosis, while still others contend that acupuncture is the right way to go.  Even deep-breathing exercises might be the right approach for you.  Yet still others turn to the pharmaceutical option when it comes to quitting smoking.  There are many drugs out there that are known to help, such as Zyban, although they need to be prescribed by a doctor.  There are many different options out there.

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