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The Most Common Causes of Stinky Urine, cont'd


Yeast Infections


Vaginal yeast infections can cause a foul odor that seems as though it is coming from urine when in actuality, it is coming from the vagina. Yeast infections can also cause itching, burning and soreness in the genital area. 

Yeast infections are easily treated with over-the-counter vaginal creams, however, many other conditions can have the same symptoms as a yeast infection...MORE




Asparagus Causes Stinky Urine


Certain foods, drinks and spices cause smelly pee.  If this is the cause of your stinky urine problem, one solution is to simply avoid the offending substance. 

The most notorious food that causes foul smelling urine is asparagus.  While it is great for your health, it can leave you with an unusual odor in your urine for a day or two...MORE

UTI Infections


A common cause of stinky urine is a urinary tract infection.  Usually, other symptoms will appear as well, such as pain when urinating, blood in urine and constantly feeling as though you need to urinate. 

However, in some cases smelly urine can be the only sign of a urinary tract infection...MORE



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