Cloudy, White Urine


​If you have white, cloudy urine, there are many possible causes. Mild dehydration can cause white, cloudy urine.  Usually, if your white, cloudy urine is due to dehydration, you will have no other symptoms and it should resolve within a day. Be sure you are drinking enough water. If your urine is still white and cloudy after a day, your problem is probably not dehydration and you should see your doctor. 

Cloudy, white urine may be only slightly murky or it may be white. It may appear to have crystals or sediment in it.  


Cloudy, white urine can also be caused by medications, vitamins or eating/drinking something that’s high in phosphates. High dosages of B vitamins and/or vitamin C are known to cause cloudy, white urine.

Infections Can Cause White, Cloudy Urine


Infections, especially in the urinary tract, cause white, cloudy urine. The color comes from the white blood cells your body uses to fight off the infection.


Even if you have no other symptoms, you can still have a urinary tract infection. Cloudy, white urine caused by infections is often accompanied by:





If your cloudy, white urine lasts more than a day or you have other symptoms, see your doctor to be tested for a urinary tract infection.



Both women and men can get urinary tract infections, but women are more susceptible.



Infections of the urinary tract can cause white, cloudy urine because pus and even red blood cells (which you might not see as red- they may just cloud up your urine) end up in your urine.  Small amounts of blood in your urine can make it look cloudy and more opaque.



Women with vaginal yeast infections may notice cloudy, white urine, however in their cases the cloudiness comes from contamination with vaginal discharge.


Men with prostate infections can experience cloudy, white urine.



UTI Infections 

Yeast Infections

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Pee

Kidney Stones May Cause Cloudy, White Urine or Stinky Urine



Kidney stones (or any other urinary stones) can make your urine cloudy and white. This is due to the red blood cells you’re excreting.



Aside from murky, cloudy urine, kidney stones may cause back/groin/abdominal pain and nausea. However, kidney stones do not always cause symptoms.  

Cloudy, White Urine and Kidney Disease



Kidney disease is another possible cause of cloudy, white urine. This is because of the protein in the urine.



High Blood Pressure May Cause Cloudy Urine



High blood pressure can result in too much protein in your urine. Excessive protein in urine is also known as proteinuria. With high levels of protein in your urine, you may notice that it is more cloudy than usual. 

Pregnant Women and Cloudy Urine



Pregnant women who notice their urine is white and/or cloudy should discuss the problem with their doctors. Cloudy urine can be a sign of pre-eclampsia, a serious pregnancy complication where the woman’s blood pressure becomes dangerously high.



Pregnant women can suffer from urinary tract infections, yeast infections and most of the other conditions mentioned above. It is important to get a doctor’s help in determining the cause of your cloudy or cloudy and white urine.