Vitamins and Supplements and Smelly Pee

Vitamins and Supplements and Smelly PeeCertain vitamins and health supplements can make your urine have an unusual or foul smell.

Vitamin B-6 supplements can cause an  unusual odor in urine that is sometimes described as “medicine-like”.  They can also turn your pee bright yellow.

Sometimes people get Vitamin B-6 from a multi-vitamin or a Vitamin B Complex and do not realize that it could be the cause of smelly urine.  If you believe your smelly urine could be a result of your Vitamin B-6 supplements, take Urifresh to neutralize the offensive odor from the inside out.  Urifresh binds the substances that cause smelly urine.

Alternatively, you could try cutting down your dose of Vitamin B-6 to get rid of the smell.  Another alternative would be to make an effort to eat more foods rich in Vitamin B-6 so you no longer need to take the supplement form of it. And as always, you can drink more water to dilute the offensive odor.

Other supplements known to cause foul-smelling urine in high doses include:

Choline (especially causes a fishy smell)
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

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