Not Drinking Enough Water Causes Stinky Urine

When you do not drink enough water, your urine becomes more and more concentrated. That makes its smell stronger- usually, that is a smell of ammonia, which is very unpleasant.

On top of that, not drinking enough water makes you urinate less often. Infrequent urination can make other causes of stinky urine worse, such as a build-up of waste products or overgrowth of bacteria.

Not Drinking Enough Water Causes Stinky Urine

The amount of water you should drink depends on your size, health, activity level and environment. Try starting with 8 to 12 (8 ounce) glasses per day. Keep in mind that certain other drinks you might be consuming could be making you lose water, such as coffee, tea or soda.

Exercise, sweating, harsh weather conditions and illness all affect your body’s water requirements. Take these factors into account when deciding how much water to drink each day.

If you would like a boost to get rid of foul smelling urine, try Urifresh, which binds the substances that cause stinky urine.

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