Could Kidney Stones Cause Stinky Urine?


Kidney or bladder stones, also known as urinary stones, can cause stinky urine. Urinary stones are more common in men, but women can also get them.

Kidney stones are known for being quite painful. Typically the pain radiates from the flank to the groin or to the genitals and inner thigh area. It tends to come and go in waves lasting about 20 to 60 minutes and is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Urgent need to urinate;
  • Painful urination;
  • Red blood cells in the urine, which may turn it a reddish, rusty color;
  • Pus in the urine;
  • Sweating;
  • Restlessness;
  • Nausea and/or vomiting.

Together, these symptoms are known as renal colic.

If you suspect you may have kidney stones, you should seek emergency medical care immediately. The kidney stone can be broken up using ultrasound or removed physically.  Controlling pain is also a high priority.

If you are prone to kidney stones, it’s worthwhile to look into supplements, changes in diet and any other lifestyle changes that could prevent your kidney stones from recurring.  Examples of all-natural supplements that could prevent kidney stones include:

Uriflow Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones 1 – 60 Capsule Bottle

Stone-X – 60 – Capsule

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare UriCare/Cystone, Urinary Comfort, 240 Vcaps, 840mg

Taking a supplement such as Stone-X or Uriflow could reduce or eliminate the recurrence of kidney stones, but it is not the only solution.  You can also read up on many more ways to prevent them in the book:


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